Friday, December 17, 2010

christmas packaging...

Christmas is in 8 days! CRAZY! I am ALMOST done with everything that needs to be finished prior to the holidays...I delivered GOODIES to the office, exchanged gifts with Megan & Rebecca, had my annual Christmas Party, wrapped my family's gifts, created my Christmas cards and am past the half-way point in writing in them - they WILL get mailed this weekend...i hope, put Sara's gift in the mail, and decorated the house! WOOT! Tomorrow I'm celebrating with Shalina - then it's home to finish up a few more gifts and package them - and make one more goodie - and I'm SET TO CELEBRATE! I am hand-making most of my Christmas gifts this year - so I decided some custom packaging would really finish them off well.  I can't show you the WHOLE package yet...but here is the tag and corresponding seal...after delivery I'll be sure to update you with a FULL view! Hope your Christmas celebrations are coming along!!

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