Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WANTED for WAY too much pep in their step...

The month of April is winding down, so I decided to show you one last design.  This weekend, the La Habra High School Cheerleaders are gathering for their banquet and I got to be IN on the designs behind the event.  I had intended to save the BIG REVEAL until after the photographs of the actual banquet are delivered to my hot little hands (all of the paper goods were printed on KRAFT - so the actual effect of this invitation is MUCH BETTER than the computer image can portray) - but alas, I just can't keep you in suspense! This design is a bit outside my "ordinary" context - but I LOVE IT! So fun getting to dabble in all kinds of different events! AND these cheerleaders are in for QUITE the banquet - between the rootbeer bottles and sheriff badges, they're SURE to have a great time!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter, love Aunt Shell

Easter has always been a really special holiday - it is the day on which we celebrate the joy of our salvation - and the incredible gift given graciously by our Savior, Jesus Christ.  However, Easter has gotten a little more fun now that there is a little person in the family again.  I have made it my personal quest to be "favorite aunt" and therefore absolutely HAD to provide a fun little Easter basket (pail) for my sweet M-girl. It was FAIRLY simple - I used a "crop-a-dile" to punch a hole in the tin pail and added the "M", tied on a PINK polka dot bow, and stuffed it with all kinds of princess paraphanelia! She got some glitter crayons to go with her sticker book, a wand (her favorite item FOR SURE), and some little girl sparkly and shiny lipgloss! She was a happy camper - AND she looked ridiculously cute! SO FUN spoiling my miss!

"hearts on fire"

Lynne Saine is related to several previous clients of mine and recently asked me to create a logo for her group of independent demonstrators at Gold Canyon. She came up with the name "hearts on fire" to reference the group's passion and I created the coordinating logo. She is THRILLED with how they turned out and her team seems to love it as well! I hope it serves them well!

belated Christmas cards = HAPPY EASTER!

Dee Maltby used to be the receptionist at the First Evangelical Free Church - AND throughout our time working together, we became friends.  A few weeks ago she contacted me asking questions about creating a shutterfly Easter card since she never got around to sending Christmas cards. WELL, the conversation quickly became a design request - and I happily obliged! I think their card turned out super cute - and it was my JOY to create a CHASDAN (the new grandbaby) inspired greeting to all their loved ones!   

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Introducing AM events

my friend Amber (I coordinated her wedding last May) is working on launching her own event planning/styling business and last week I got an EMERGENT see, start-up businesses are not usually profitable right away, so currently Amber is employed by Pottery Barn AND recently she had the opportunity to promote her company at one of their sponsored events.  Unfortunately for Amber (but SUPER fortunately for me!) she didn't have a business card COURSE that is where I came literally a matter of hours I whipped up a design for her, make a few tweaks and changes, and she sent it off to the printer. AND I got a call yesterday announcing that she had already booked a wedding! YES! ALWAYS thankful for success! (i guess that means I should go ahead and sent that invoice!) 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

monograms {for lauren sanders}

a LONG time ago, i spent a summer in Puerto Rico working with World Changers and Student Volunteer Mobilization.  Kevin Sanders was one of my teammates and he became a very good friend.  WELL, his sweet wife Lauren contacted me early last week asking me to create some monograms for a wedding she is coordinting THIS WEEKEND, so i whipped them up and sent them over! hope the wedding is GORGEOUS!

a bridal shower {for ashley}

over the weekend, my friend Kirsten threw a BEAUTIFUL bridal shower soiree for her niece Ashley and i was honored to provide most of the graphics for the event.  it all started with a french theme and chandelier inspired invitation...but Kirsten definitely took it to the next level. she's a girl after my own heart for sure! She wanted matching tags for the MANY gifts she used as decor that ash got to take home at the end of the shower, and each lovely lady in attendance was given a chandelier compact including the darling "merci" tag as a favor.  she created pin-on flowers as napkin holders and embellished them with matching placecard tags as well.  perhaps my favorite element of the day was the chanel perfume bottle inspired centerpieces. OH MY GOODNESS the flowers are GORGEOUS.  it was SO MUCH FUN working with Kirsten and i sincerely hope Ashley had a LOVELY day!