Wednesday, October 20, 2010

House Decor UPDATE...

I have spent quite a bit of time (in the last few weeks) re-deocorating my house.  my roommate Lindsey moved out a few weeks ago, and along with her went quite a bit of the furniture and almost everything on the walls.  so much disappeared, in fact, that we were echoing when speaking downstairs (obviously the sound absorbing ceiling is ineffective).  anyway, my brother sister and sweet niece came to visit last weekend and i really wanted things to be cute for i GOT GOING.  most of my ideas are from other blogs - but obviously they are re-worked and re-vamped to meet my specific needs...SO FUN dreaming...can't wait to have my own home someday where i can paint walls and really go to town with wall decor!!!
the three frames concept turned out even cuter than i imagined it would.  it was SO easy and thanks to IKEA so cheap too!!  these are on the wall opposite the front door - so it is a great place to add a pop of colour (and yes, color looks better with the "u" in there - ask my stylist friend Amber - she knows!)
here is a close-up of the "I SPY"/eye chart i created that is in the center frame... I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE A PLACE I CAN CALL HOME
the trio of LOVE prints may be one of my favoite decor additions thus far.  i LOVE how bright the yellow is against the beige walls and since I'm a total sucker for anything TENDER, it fits my personality perfectly!
the aqua typewriter doesn't belong to me - but i'm in LOVE with it! I actually asked my good friend Gan to hung a black one down for me...i want a typewriter in my house FOREVER. and the apothecary filled with buttons and the miniature shopping cart are in a close second and i imagine will be making appearances in numerous places throughout my houses for years to come!
and we CANNOT forget to include a sweet place for Ina to reside...and her cookbooks look FABULOUS sitting next to the yellow pitcher.

yes...i think the house looks better already! can't wait to keep dreaming and adding more...tomorrow maybe i'll include close ups of the prints know, they deserve a little highlight :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

fruity fabric...

i have had this fabric in my "craft box" for months and months and months.  i LOVED it at first sight and just knew it would look PERFECT in my kitchen - but it's a little too cutesy to be curtains, etc. SO finally, i've found a use for it! i live with 3 other girls so there is often a necessity to post various items (bills, notes about things that are broken, miscellaneous updates, etc.) and the kitchen is really the most realistic place for such things given that we all visit there on a daily basis. SO...this weekend i busted out a very old (but still totally functional) bulletin board and covered it up with this DARLING fabric.  then i tied some bows on the hooks and hung it up in the kitchen. it is DEFINITELY cuter and will serve as a FABULOUS message board for me and the girls! SUCCESS! 

Friday, October 8, 2010

"M" is for McGaughey

it is OFFICIAL! one of my designs has now been printed, framed, and properly placed in the guest bedroom of my dear friends Amber McGaughey.  i knew that i liked the print before i sent it over to her for final approval and then publishing; BUT now that i've seen it in an frame and on the wall, i must admit it is LOVE! SO FUN having a piece in someone's home!! prayerfully it is the FIRST of MANY!
{and thanks for the photo amber - can't wait to come STAY in that guest bedroom sometime soon!}

Thursday, October 7, 2010

all it takes is a quote...

i am officially bored with my wall decor - so i've decided it is time to change it up a bit {i think college  RUINED me...i got in the habit of moving at least once a year thus having numerous opportunities to rearrange furniture and change decor items without seeming like a crazy person who is never content. now that i've been living in the condo for almost a year, i'm starting to go STIR CRAZY with everything looking the same - NOT NORMAL after only a year!}.  however, i'm not interested {nor would be a wise decision in any way, shape, or form} in spending a lot of money, so i'm trying to get creative.  i found an awesome frame that will soon be receiving a complimentary coat of spray paint and will then be filled with a DARLING "s" print and hung as the primary focal point on my soon to be "gallery wall". i am getting excited!

today i whipped up a print for a black 5x7 frame - just a candid shot of my and one of my besties laughing while dancing to "you make my dreams come true".  i added a simple quote by E. E. Cummings and have fallen completely in love with it.  who would have known that all it takes is a quote to spice up an already fabulous photograph and give it a whole new feel. SO EXCITED to add it to the gallery wall...
ps don't we look like we belong in a magazine!

Monday, October 4, 2010

beach birthday bash

on Friday afternoon I got an email from my boss' wife asking if I would please help her create a birthday invitation for her youngest daughter Courtney who just turned 15.  Of course when your boss' wife asks, you gladly provide all resources at your disposal!!  I was told that it is a beach party, that Courtney wanted colorful, and LOVES yellow.  So I let my creative juices flow and THIS is what I came up with.  It isn't something I would typically design, but I think it is FUN for  a teenage birthday party - and NO ONE will complain that it isn't colorful enough!
Hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration Court!!