Thursday, February 24, 2011

b is for baby

one of my nearest and dearest friends (shalina truglio) hosted a bridal shower for one of her nearest and dearest kristine and i was lucky enough to be asked to make the invitation.  the shower turned out ABSOLUTELY darling (amazing work girls!) and kristine and junior felt so blessed.  i think my favorite part of designing is knowing that i have somehow contributed (in a small way) to someone else's joy. it is SO gratifying! baby boy ulit is coming SOON - and i'm SURE he'll be cuter than ANY invitation!!

oh, i made the little favor tags too - SO CUTE! i love when everything goes together! it's FAVORITE for sure!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Adri-Anne was my roommate for just about 2 years before she moved back to Canada (shortly after which she received a diamond engagement ring) to procure a finance visa and eventually marry Erwin here in California. Their official wedding will take place in Victoria, BC after which they will honeymoon on the road home and have a courthouse wedding in the states (I am hoping to throw a major shin-dig in celebration of THAT day!). Adri asked me to help design their wedding invitations and I've been holding out on the big reveal to make sure they were sent to the appropriate individuals first - but the time has come. Adri & Erwin are both musical and wanted their invitation to reflect a ticket vibe incorporating their colors: turquoise and orange.
I also created a wrap around address label. The A&E portion of the label wrapped around and adheared to the backside of the turquoise envelope. I love that there is a touch of sophistication in the ampersand mixed with the bold contrasting font.
Designing the wedding invites was a bit intense - I felt a lot of (self-imposed) pressure - but I'm happy with the overall turn out and SO HAPPY for my friends! Congrats Adri & Erwin!

Bridal Shower Address Suite

We decided to keep things relatively simple as far as envelope labels are concerned - so I created a border that mimicks the invitation and a seal that is in the same color family and could be PUNCHED and adheared to the right hand side of the envelope flap.  They turned out pretty cute and hopefully we won't have any returned invites! We'll just have to wait and see...

Bridal Shower Invite - Jenny Holden

I had 2 best friends growing up: Anna Powell & Jenny Holden.  We did EVERYTHING together and had a BLAST doing it all!  Well Jenny is getting married and Anna and I have the privledge of throwing her church family bridal shower.  It is a LARGE gathering (we're anticipating approximately 80 guests) so we have to keep things relatively simple.  I created the invitation suite and they went out in the mail yesterday.  Hopefully no one will see it here before it arrives at her house (who am I kidding - no one reads this blog - except maybe Anna - and she's already seen it SEVERAL times!) 

Bridal Shower Soiree (Address Edition)

the invitations for Ashley's bridal shower soiree have now OFFICIALLY been printed and are ready to be STUFFED in their velum envelopes and adorned with these lovely address labels and return address seals.  Kirsten really wanted to use a quatrefoil, so I created one that fits perfectly over the invitation information which is ideal given that velum is frosted and not completely opaque. If all works out as planned, you'll be able to see the stripes and the chandelier through the envelope but nothing else.  The return address seal is going to be placed in the lower righthand corner on the BACK of the envelope.  I think the whole package will look exceptional! So excited to hear what Ashley thinks of it when it arrives at her house!  

Monday, February 14, 2011

bridal beverage station...

my dear friend amber has a little wedding planning business (she is fabulous, and it's called lovelysunday if you wanted to know).  i was blessed to coordinate amber's big day, and have been part of many a project for amber and her husband's home! SO FUN! well, recently ambs called and asked if i could help a one of her brides out with some last minute design work.  namely: signs for the beverage station.  after a short search for some graphics, a lot of experimenting with fonts, and a bit of pantone color matching, i was able to provide her with something close to the original inspiration.  i haven't seen any images from the actual wedding yet (she just got married over the weekend), but i hope it was a BEAUTIFUL day!

candy bar favor boxes...

ashley and chazz are getting married in may - and the candy bar has been causing them ALL kinds of grief.  ashley came into my office today beyond frustrated and desperate for some sort of graphic solution to her candy bar dilemna.  she wanted take-out boxes wrapped up in ribbon (black and white polka dot ribbon to be exact) with some sort of label on the front. the issue is that her colors are champagne and pink and she could only find frosted white take out containers that suited her fancy. SO...we devised a label, in pink and black, inspired by philosophy and whipped up something she absolutely loves (she may have shed a tear - it is ALWAYS a good sign when the bride sheds a tear!)  there is still MUCH work to be done on the candy bar - but for now - here's the sneak peak of their favor box labels...

Friday, February 4, 2011

Bridal Shower Soiree...

One of my friends and co-workers, Kirsten, has a niece getting married this summer.  She is QUITE the hostess and the shower soiree she is throwing in Ashley's honor is going to be SO LEGIT! I almost want to be invited just to see the extravaganza.  The shower is a conglomeration of girly inspiration - from french, to chandeliers, to dress forms with all matter of pink and chartreusse with polka dots and damask.  I have only created the invitation thus far...but believe me, there are MANY MORE paper goods to come...and I'll be SURE to share them (and pictures of the shower too!) 
The invitations are printed on white linen paper and are embellished with a jewel in the center of the chandelier.  They are also going into HOT PINK envelopes for just a little extra fun with custom designed address labels still to come! SO FUN!