Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Trustee Board Dinner...

i have mentioned my actual job here on the blog more lately than usual - BUT - i promise i'm still working on fun side jobs...more on those coming SOON! yesterday i sent out the "trustee board dinner" invitation. i work at a church - so there are boards - and each year members go off the board and new members come on the board and we have a dinner. back in the good days, it was a catered meal and everyone really enjoyed it. now it is backyard picnic potluck style and everybody still enjoys it (everyone except probably the people bringing main dishes - or people who have already worked all day at their real know...most of us!). i didn't have much time to pull it together - i got the request for an invitation when i arrived at work (aka approximately 8am) and the host wanted the invitation out by afternoon. sounds like a lot of time - but i had about 10 projects in line in front of it AND a 2 hour meeting to attend. SO it may not be my ALL-TIME BEST WORK - but overall it's alright and definitely WAY better than the typical church potluck invite!

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