Tuesday, October 12, 2010

fruity fabric...

i have had this fabric in my "craft box" for months and months and months.  i LOVED it at first sight and just knew it would look PERFECT in my kitchen - but it's a little too cutesy to be curtains, etc. SO finally, i've found a use for it! i live with 3 other girls so there is often a necessity to post various items (bills, notes about things that are broken, miscellaneous updates, etc.) and the kitchen is really the most realistic place for such things given that we all visit there on a daily basis. SO...this weekend i busted out a very old (but still totally functional) bulletin board and covered it up with this DARLING fabric.  then i tied some bows on the hooks and hung it up in the kitchen. it is DEFINITELY cuter and will serve as a FABULOUS message board for me and the girls! SUCCESS! 

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