Thursday, October 7, 2010

all it takes is a quote...

i am officially bored with my wall decor - so i've decided it is time to change it up a bit {i think college  RUINED me...i got in the habit of moving at least once a year thus having numerous opportunities to rearrange furniture and change decor items without seeming like a crazy person who is never content. now that i've been living in the condo for almost a year, i'm starting to go STIR CRAZY with everything looking the same - NOT NORMAL after only a year!}.  however, i'm not interested {nor would be a wise decision in any way, shape, or form} in spending a lot of money, so i'm trying to get creative.  i found an awesome frame that will soon be receiving a complimentary coat of spray paint and will then be filled with a DARLING "s" print and hung as the primary focal point on my soon to be "gallery wall". i am getting excited!

today i whipped up a print for a black 5x7 frame - just a candid shot of my and one of my besties laughing while dancing to "you make my dreams come true".  i added a simple quote by E. E. Cummings and have fallen completely in love with it.  who would have known that all it takes is a quote to spice up an already fabulous photograph and give it a whole new feel. SO EXCITED to add it to the gallery wall...
ps don't we look like we belong in a magazine!

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