Tuesday, September 28, 2010


for almost a year now, I have had this AMAZING wooden frame just begging to be painted and longing desperately for something amazing to hold.  well, i'm not at the stage of life where i'm going to frame a huge picture of myself (the frame is 11x14) {given that i'm not married, don't have a family, etc.} and even though Madeline is cute enough to warrant a photograph of that magnitude, it is a little creepy to have her as the centerpiece of my wall when she isn't even my child. so i came up with an alternative - since prints are "all the rage" these days, and i'm absolutely OBSESSED with initials, i made my very own print.  i have yet to paint the frame or hang in my bedroom, but i'm pretty sure i'm in love. AND...i've already had a request or two {for a different initial, OF CORUSE!} - which means it must be cute! maybe NOW i'll grow the motivation necessary to finish the project...i'll keep you posted!    

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