Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Adri-Anne was my roommate for just about 2 years before she moved back to Canada (shortly after which she received a diamond engagement ring) to procure a finance visa and eventually marry Erwin here in California. Their official wedding will take place in Victoria, BC after which they will honeymoon on the road home and have a courthouse wedding in the states (I am hoping to throw a major shin-dig in celebration of THAT day!). Adri asked me to help design their wedding invitations and I've been holding out on the big reveal to make sure they were sent to the appropriate individuals first - but the time has come. Adri & Erwin are both musical and wanted their invitation to reflect a ticket vibe incorporating their colors: turquoise and orange.
I also created a wrap around address label. The A&E portion of the label wrapped around and adheared to the backside of the turquoise envelope. I love that there is a touch of sophistication in the ampersand mixed with the bold contrasting font.
Designing the wedding invites was a bit intense - I felt a lot of (self-imposed) pressure - but I'm happy with the overall turn out and SO HAPPY for my friends! Congrats Adri & Erwin!

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