Thursday, February 24, 2011

b is for baby

one of my nearest and dearest friends (shalina truglio) hosted a bridal shower for one of her nearest and dearest kristine and i was lucky enough to be asked to make the invitation.  the shower turned out ABSOLUTELY darling (amazing work girls!) and kristine and junior felt so blessed.  i think my favorite part of designing is knowing that i have somehow contributed (in a small way) to someone else's joy. it is SO gratifying! baby boy ulit is coming SOON - and i'm SURE he'll be cuter than ANY invitation!!

oh, i made the little favor tags too - SO CUTE! i love when everything goes together! it's FAVORITE for sure!


  1. SO happy that you FINALLY added some more fun stuff for me to look at! :) and THANK YOU for not including that hideous picture! :)

  2. haha you're SO welcome. believe me i contemplated using it - but i decided it wasn't "business" appropriate - but i definitely saved it to my computer - so you really NEVER KNOW where it will end up :) haha!

  3. Girl, your talent is amazing. Seriously, you are gifted! All these are incredible!