Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WANTED for WAY too much pep in their step...

The month of April is winding down, so I decided to show you one last design.  This weekend, the La Habra High School Cheerleaders are gathering for their banquet and I got to be IN on the designs behind the event.  I had intended to save the BIG REVEAL until after the photographs of the actual banquet are delivered to my hot little hands (all of the paper goods were printed on KRAFT - so the actual effect of this invitation is MUCH BETTER than the computer image can portray) - but alas, I just can't keep you in suspense! This design is a bit outside my "ordinary" context - but I LOVE IT! So fun getting to dabble in all kinds of different events! AND these cheerleaders are in for QUITE the banquet - between the rootbeer bottles and sheriff badges, they're SURE to have a great time!

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