Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter, love Aunt Shell

Easter has always been a really special holiday - it is the day on which we celebrate the joy of our salvation - and the incredible gift given graciously by our Savior, Jesus Christ.  However, Easter has gotten a little more fun now that there is a little person in the family again.  I have made it my personal quest to be "favorite aunt" and therefore absolutely HAD to provide a fun little Easter basket (pail) for my sweet M-girl. It was FAIRLY simple - I used a "crop-a-dile" to punch a hole in the tin pail and added the "M", tied on a PINK polka dot bow, and stuffed it with all kinds of princess paraphanelia! She got some glitter crayons to go with her sticker book, a wand (her favorite item FOR SURE), and some little girl sparkly and shiny lipgloss! She was a happy camper - AND she looked ridiculously cute! SO FUN spoiling my miss!

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