Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Introducing AM events

my friend Amber (I coordinated her wedding last May) is working on launching her own event planning/styling business and last week I got an EMERGENT call...you see, start-up businesses are not usually profitable right away, so currently Amber is employed by Pottery Barn AND recently she had the opportunity to promote her company at one of their sponsored events.  Unfortunately for Amber (but SUPER fortunately for me!) she didn't have a business card yet...so...OF COURSE that is where I came in...in literally a matter of hours I whipped up a design for her, make a few tweaks and changes, and she sent it off to the printer. AND I got a call yesterday announcing that she had already booked a wedding! YES! ALWAYS thankful for success! (i guess that means I should go ahead and sent that invoice!) 

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  1. This is awesome Shelly! It definitely embodies Amber's style.