Thursday, July 7, 2011

Carrie Wright Wedding Invite...

i once had a roommate named Carrie...but soon she's gonna be she's not so much my roommate anymore! ha! Carrie is a FUN bride.  she has a LOT of personality and a TON of spunk. she loves with her whole heart and shares joy with all she encounters while seeking wisdom and having a true desire to grow. Carrie and Joe are getting married August 20, at Ev. Free Fullerton - they're having a simple ceremony and reception, including a homemade photobooth!! and it should be really fun!
Carrie wanted her invitation to be grey, yellow and cute...that is a wide range and allowed for a LOT of creative interpretation, but ultimately we came up with something that encapsulates her personality and has a touch of class...and i've already gotten several compliments, so apparently they went over well!
Carrie has a TON of DIY ideas for her wedding, so there will be a LOT more posts to come...YAY! i love summers filled with weddings! LOVE THEM!!

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