Monday, July 25, 2011

Linthicum Wedding Table Numbers & Placecards

My childhood best friend Jenny Holden got married YESTERDAY an is now (even on facebook) officially Jennifer Leigh Linthicum. She and her hubs Josh are headed to FiJi and I'm excited to FINALLY be showing off some of the design work I did for her big day! Jenny planned for over a year, so we had PLENTY of time to be creative. We decided to play up the "travel" theme... throughout the entirety of their relationship (minus the one summer when Josh stayed in California) Josh lived in Illinois while Jenny lived in California meaning that they flew back and forth MANY a time. Now that they are married, Josh is moving to California and they will live TOGETHER happily ever after...but that definitely wasn't ALWAYS the case. We coined the phrase: "LINTHICUM AIRWAYS" and it all took off (haha pun intended) from there. I think they turned out well and definitely added a quirky touch to the reception.

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